Solea Laser Dentistry

A More Comfortable Dental Treatment Experience

Laser therapy in dentistry provides patients with a more comfortable dental treatment experience. Using laser dentistry, your dentist is able to deliver a precise treatment that is more comfortable, quicker, and provides more stunning results.

Dental lasers have revolutionized oral care, transforming traditional procedures into convenient treatments that minimize discomfort and recovery time, while improving the overall health of patients’ smiles.  While initial dental laser technology was used primarily for soft tissue treatments, further innovation in the field of laser dentistry has led to the development of a more versatile instrument – the Solea laser.

Safe and effective for both hard and soft tissue, this advanced dental technology has opened the door to new era of patient care. By integrating this advanced technology into both routine and complex procedures, Dr. Scott Crafton is able to provide clients with the best care possible and lasting health results.  

What is the Solea Laser?

Solea is the first CO2 laser system approved by the FDA for both hard and soft tissue. While traditional dental lasers are limited to soft tissue and cannot target enamel, the Solea laser uses rapid pulses of infrared light that can be safely applied to both hard and soft tissue. This advanced tool can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions, ranging from removing bacteria and infected tissue in periodontal pockets to filling cavities and replacing restorations.

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

There are a number of advantages associated with the Solea Laser offered by Dr. Scott Crafton, including:



Traditional treatments can require multiple appointments in order to completely address a complex dental issues, such as periodontal disease treatment or root canal therapy. By integrating this state-of-the-art instrument into certain procedures, our Dr. Crafton is able to shorten treatment time, limiting the number of required appointments. 



As this tool can be used on both soft and hard oral tissues, Solea presents patients with a convenient, effective alternative for treating diverse dental issues. We utilize Solea for a number of treatments, including soft tissue biopsies, gum contouring, frenectomies, restoration placement, and a number of other procedures. 



Since treatment with a dental laser is non-invasive and emits no sound or vibrations, patients are often able to undergo Solea laser dental treatments without sedation or anesthesia.  By eliminating the discomfort typically associated with dental drills as well as the numbness that comes with local anesthesia, Solea is ideal for patients of all ages.


Healing Time

When used on soft tissue, this dental laser cauterizes the treatment site, thereby stimulating accelerated recovery while reducing the risk of post-treatment infection and discomfort. Additionally, the precision and speed of our dental laser ensures that only targeted areas are affected, eliminating the risk of damage to surrounding tissue. 


Q: I heard about anesthesia-free, no needle procedures (Solea), can you tell me a little more about it?

A: Solea is a dental laser that we use to replace the drill for cavities and the scalpel for gum surgery.

A: With Solea we don’t have to give you a novocaine shot for the majority of procedures. The appointment is faster because we don’t have to wait for you to get numb.

A: Since we don’t administer novocaine for the majority of procedures, you won’t leave with a numb lip after the procedure, so you can eat and drink right after your appointment.

A: We can also do multiple procedures in one appointmen

Q: What types of procedures can be done with Solea?

A: The majority of procedures can be done with Solea – from cavities to oral surgery, with the exception of root canals and endo.

Q: Is Solea really pain-free?

A: For the majority of procedures Solea is pain-free, some patients tell us that they feel cold air, but no pain.

Q: Is Solea good for kids?

A: It’s great for kids. It’s faster, for most procedures they don’t need a shot and we don’t have to use the drill for cavities or scalpel for gum surgery. They won’t have a numb lip, so they can eat and drink right after their appointment.

Q: Is Solea safe? Do I have to worry about radiation?

A: Yes, it’s safe. Solea is a medical device that has been cleared by the FDA to cut enamel, gums and bone. All you need to do is wear protective eyewear that we’ll provide during your appointment.

Q: Is there a website I can visit to learn more about Solea?

A: Yes, if you’d like to learn even more go to and I can schedule an appointment for you now.

Q: I need gum surgery, can you use Solea on me? Or, I need cavities filled, can you use Solea on me?

A: You’ll need to come in for a consultation before I can answer that question, but for the majority of gum surgeries, with Solea you’d experience virtually no bleeding, since the laser cauterizes as it cuts, there are no stitches, less post-operative pain, and for most cases you won’t need a shot. For the majority of cavities the procedure will be anesthesia-free, needle-free, drill-free and virtually pain-free.

A: Yes, it is. Solea procedures are covered the same way traditional procedures would be covered. Solea is a new technology we're using that’s replacing the drill, so billing codes are the same

Q: Is Solea covered by insurance?

Q: I’m pregnant. Is it ok to use Solea on me?

A: Yes, it’s actually better for you since we don’t have to inject with you anesthetic for the majority of procedures.

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Patient Reviews

Nice guy really down to earth and a very good dentist
Tim Smith
Tim Smith
19:18 02 Jun 21
We were late to my daughters appointment with Dr. Crafton because I mixed it up with another appointment I had with another Doctors office. Dr. Crafton still „squeezed“ us in and took his time to explain everything to us. We didn’t feel rushed or like just another number. The staff also is very friendly.I’m glad I drove the 100 miles to see Dr. Crafton!
Viola White
Viola White
14:54 17 Mar 21
Jo Carr
Jo Carr
13:30 10 Dec 20
dawson williams
dawson williams
19:31 10 Nov 20
The new laser is awesome. I had a cavity filled without having to get a shot to numb my gum and there was no pain during the procedure.
John Thomason
John Thomason
01:01 18 Jun 19
Dr. Crafton and his staff are outstanding! Very professional and friendly. I highly recommend.
Ryan Kirkpatrick
Ryan Kirkpatrick
02:24 29 Mar 19
Sara Evitts
Sara Evitts
18:40 04 Jan 19
Had a root canal and crown, no pain during or after. Everyone there was great special thanks to Dr Crafton and Samantha.
Jerry Graham
Jerry Graham
22:29 16 Oct 18
Andre Hart
Andre Hart
21:07 27 Aug 18
21:45 29 Dec 17
Neil Cariani, CreativeXistence360
Neil Cariani, CreativeXistence360
19:25 08 Mar 11

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