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Read or write a patient review of Dr. Scott Crafton and his staff.

Patient review websites are extremely valuable to individuals who are considering dental care and searching for experienced, qualified professionals. Dr. Crafton appreciates all honest and candid feedback from his current and former patients, and uses it to improve his quality of care.


Rate your experience with Dr. Crafton using the Google+ rating system, or browse reviews left by our former patients. You will need a free Google account to share your feedback.

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Rate Dr. Crafton using Facebook’s one-to-five-star scale, and write a short review of your experience.


Vitals.com is a free review site that invites you to “check up on your dentist” We encourage you to rate Dr. Crafton based on factors such as ease of appointment, his promptness and follow-up.


HealthGrades specializes in educating potential patients about elective healthcare procedures. Dr. Crafton’s HealthGrades profile lists the procedures he performs and the conditions he treats, and also has a section for patient reviews.


Yelp is one of the most popular websites for leaving customer feedback. Rate Dr. Crafton using Yelp’s one-to-five-star scale, and write a short review of your experience. Please note that you will need a (free) Yelp profile to write a review.

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